The Indie Feel in 25hours Hotel The Royal Bavarian Hotel – When in Munich, We found the 25hours Hotel The Royal Bavarian Hotel as one of the most charming hotels in Germany. A building with its own rich history: In the last century, it still served as a building for the postal service and a royal telegraph station. Located at Munich Central Station, is a wonderful way to start walking every little street.

Interesting touches also include functioning old-style typewriters in the lobby as a business central, fake hunting trophies (including deer replete with antlers) and a talking-point in the form of a chair topped with a herd of soft swans for comfortable sitting. It has a modern, edgy and indie feel.

Our room is full of style, design, and personality. The bed is large and comfortable. Industrial-looking metal lamps, a “try me, I’m not a bible” book, and an old-style typewriter at the windows accentuate the indie feel.

As well as the separate toilet and shower, the main washing facilities are a marble surface with stand-alone metal bowl for the sink just a few steps from the bed. We could stream music from handheld devices to a Boom speaker and there are several USB sockets for recharging.

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