The Nymphs Returns from Indra’s Heaven

Sida Paksa Returns from Indra’s Heaven – Hello travel junkies!

I spent the nicest years in south of Bali with my nymphs. When did you fall in love with Bali and think I could maybe live here?ย  I love the freedom here โ€“ the Hindu culture here is very open and free, anything goes really.

Hmmm… I haven’t brought my laptop with me but I was posting pictures here and there in my twitpic and of course, facebook!

This villa where we stayed at was a dream! We had our patio, garden for bbq and a pool to dip in, in times when weren’t at the beach.

Sri Tanjung in the kitchen with white heart

a writer and a reader in the last words

Journey to Sinduraja

His Soul’s Journey

Sida Paksa’s Meditation

It had a very warm and relaxed atmosphere. I liked it immediately!

Hit me up if you want to know about the place. There are more to come so watch this space!

Very, very RELAX!

Enjoy your week!

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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