THE ORIGIN OF FAMOUS CAKE IN TRANG, THAILAND – I’ve been baking again! We went to Kuk Ming-Lum Phura Cake Shop, the origin of famous cake in Trang, Thailand. Trang Cake is a cake that made of only a few ingredients; flour, butter, sugar, food color, baking powder and chicken eggs. The process of baking is to mix all the ingredients together and then pour it into the mold cake which has the hole in the middle. In Indonesia we call it with Kue Bolu. In Trang, baking cake is a common activity within household. It is widely baked and developed into several flavors like pandan, three flavor, fresh milk, coconut, orange, green tea, jack fruit, vanila and many more. They were simply amazing!

They were so moist, so soft, so fragrant, and SO lovely to eat.

And now the question is, where shall we go next?


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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