The Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta, A Reminiscence of Eternal Virtue –  A few weeks ago we went to Yogyakarta and stayed at The Phoenix Hotel, elegantly situated in down town Yogyakarta, the cradle of Javanese civilization. This legendary hotel was initially built as private estate in 1918. Through the ensuing decades, the property changed hands a number of times, until a Dutch caretaker turned it into Pensioner Hotel. Come in and check it out for yourself!

The legendary Malioboro street is just nearby, while the world heritage Borobudur and Prambanan temples are only an hour drive. Yogyakarta’s culture heritage and picturesque settings emit a distinctive charm. And at last, I enjoyed a traditional Javanese body massage in an beautiful setting and managed to take in the palace qualities: peace and quiet. That’s luxury.

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  1. Wah.. simpel, rapi dan rileks banget tempatnya…
    Cocok buat orang” yg lagi butuh ketenangan nih..
    makasih buat info dan review nya om..
    lumayan buat simpanan kali aja nanti mau kejogja 🙂
    salam sukses om 🙂

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