The Sexy of Grotto De La Surprise, Halong Bay

the sweet serenity of scene. – Hello lovely readers! We just took a quick sexy trip to the Sung Sot Cave at Bo Hon Island, Halong BayVietnam.

The cave was named “Grotto de la Surprise” (the cave of Surprise) and recently, it has been shortened to “Surprise”.

This title describes the very first feeling of travel junkies when they entered the cave with full of WOW.

After few steps into the cave seems like a narrow and minuscule one, but with just few more steps into the cave, it becomes bigger and bigger.

It’s considered the most magnificent cave in this charming bay.

We could not imagine how a tiny path could lead to such a giant, airy, and fantastic cave.

Here’s what we felt and saw:

surprised to get it together.

the cave man.

a cave lovers reunion.

felt near from the dynamic metropolis.

the tranquil garden scene.

in an ethereal golden light.

almost other-worldly.

a masterful piece of art.

The ceiling is decorated with stalactites like colorful chandeliers and the floor with plenty of rocks in diverse shapes of elephant, horse to tree, leaves, flowers, and penis.

Eeeeeeek, life is sooo good. Thank God that took us visiting Grotto de la Surprise. Love and peace.



Happy Sustainable Travels!

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