Awh @TheSunanHotel, Great Accommodation in Surakarta

a hotel song | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7 – Decided to traveling some place (for the first time, especially), you first concern is going to be ‘where to stay?’.

Are you in Solo or Surakarta? the other day, I found one place when I visited Solo.

People say Solo might be the comfortable places in the world. That was why I didn’t worry much. Before I left, I found a place called “The Sunan Hotel” in our bible, twitter. Just choose in a hunch. A lit expensive, but exceptable.

But most of the time, I met great people from all around the world. It was so much fun and fuuuuuunnnn!!!!

fitness centre | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7

what a wonderful sunan | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7

Get up in the morning, go to restaurant for brunch, have an afternoon swim, klappertart cake for snacking o’clock, fitness, moshing at KLA Project concert, and took an amazing aromatherapy massage. It was absolutely peaceful at that time.

Most of all, the crew was wonderful. I had so many questions; of course, I just went to them! They guided me with all the informations very kindly.

moshing river | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7

private office | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7

404, Travel Junkie Indonesia room. During my Surakarta trip, I just spend 3 nights there, but the Sunan hotel is my first choice when someone asks me about accommodation in Surakarta.

You can find more specific informations at

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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