The Tarsier : King of Cute from Sulawesi

Tarsier (Image courtesy of Bas Schonenberg) – If you’re visiting Sulawesi’s Tangkoko-Batuangas Dua Saudara Nature Reserve or Lore Lindu National Park, keep your eyes peeled for something looking back at you: a tiny nocturnal primate known as a tarsier.

These creatures are recognisable by their eyes, which are literally larger than their stomachs, so big in fact that they cannot rotate them within their sockets. Luckily their heads can be rotated nearly 360 degrees so their range of vision isn’t compromised.

Tarsiers also have huge sensitive ears, which can be retracted and unfurled, and disproportionately long legs, which they use to jump distances 10 times their body length. They use their anatomical anomalies to catch small insects.

Tarsiers live in groups of up to eight, and communicate with what sounds like high-pitched singing. They are found only in some rainforests of Indonesia and the Philippines.

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  1. @traveljunkie:tarsius jg ada di Pulau Belitung loh,lbh gedean dikit dr yg di sulut & warnanya lbh terang.

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