The Travel Junkie At Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn Bangkok – After a 2 hour flight with Thai Airways, we knew that our next destination would perfect for us to relax in. We arrived in Bangkok in the afternoon and after about a hour drive we arrived at our hotel: the Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn Bangkok which will enable you to design your perfect holiday.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the staff with the biggest of smiles and an iced lemongrass, which we loved from the first moment and could not get enough of during our stay.

The hotel was located in South Sathorn Road and boasted breathtaking views of the city centre, so when we arrived at our room and we saw the view we had to take a moment to take it all in. We could see the city’s buildings and it was interesting to appreciate how the hotel design reflects the neighborhood where it was located. we were 31 floors up.

Although we were not planning to use the pool as we just wanted to explore, the hotel had an infinity pool. It was amazing to be able to swim so high up and take in those amazing views. It was our way of energizing for what would become a long trip.

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