The Travel Junkie Flight From Jakarta to Tokyo (Haneda), Japan – I don’t often get excited to fly. As a professional travel blogger, I spend half my life on planes.

The experience can be mundane at best, stressful at worst. But when I’m traveling on a economy class of GA874 from Jakarta to Tokyo (Haneda) to Jakarta, it’s a different thing all together.

The inflight journey from Jakarta to Tokyo runs in the ± 7 hours range, which is not bad at all.

You’ll enjoy making it to Tokyo, which is a big state with lots to see and do.

I enjoyed every second in Tokyo!

And, here’s when I was in the sky.

Flying to Tokyo, check this out for the excellent flights.

It was a perfect moment. Let’s kiss the Tokyo Skytree!

A big thank you Japan National Tourism Organization, Garuda Indonesia, my readers, for following and supporting me on this journey!


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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