The Travel Junkies Wowed by Discover Thainess – A Discover Thainess parade designed to educate travel junkies about the kingdom’s cultural heritage drew large crowds Wednesday evening, dazzling travel junkies and expats with elaborate costumes and decorated floats.

The 3.5-kilometre of spectacular parade to celebrate the grand opening of Thailand Tourism Festival 2015 with the “Discover Thainess” campaign is held in the streets of central Bangkok from Jan 14 to 18, 2015.

Locals also joined the hordes of travel junkies and expats who came to see the eye-catching troupe as they marched down Rama I Road.

Despite a long wait for the parade to begin, the cultural event was a success with travel junkies.

I appreciate how much effort has been put into this.

I was particularly impressed by the traditional costumes and praised the Tourism Authority of Thailand for hosting the event.

It was nice to be able to see traditional clothing and masks, which I’ve seen in museums before, right here in the middle of Bangkok.

And, I was very happy to have the opportunity to see the cultural aspects of Thailand’s different regions represented, each with their traditional style of dance and clothing.

The parade showcased culture from all four Thai regions.

The photos below, shows the atmospher of the Discover Thainess event.

Gen Prayut, who presided over the Discover Thainess parade, said the government wants to draw more tourists to the country.

“We want to tell them that Thailand has cultural diversity and a wide range of tourist attractions from mountains and forests to the sea. More importantly, Thais are very friendly and smile at other people easily,” Gen Prayut said.

Come with to discover the true beauty of “THAINESS” and see Thailand in the way you have never seen before!


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