Three Years of the Travel Junkie – I can’t believe this is the 3rd anniversary of the Travel Junkie. I look back and I don’t even really know why I started it. What the f was I thinking? I just thought, hey, why not? And now, here we are.

A community. A business. A new life. THINK LIKE A TRAVEL BLOGGER.

I love what I do. I love to travel and blogging and scour the earth to bring you the best information and products I can find.

I love the connection that is made when someone stops me on the street to thank me for pointing them in the direction of the best experience they have ever had, or that this site somehow made a little difference in their lives.

That a burgeoning business took off after we mentioned them. That someone changed the way they related to something after reading a small piece.

That someone implemented a positive change in their travel, destination and experience. It has been hard. And fun. And very, very challenging at times. And, we are just at the beginning.

So thank you for making us a part of your lives sometimes. We appreciate it and we appreciate you.




Happy Sustainable Travels!

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