Tingalan Wiyosan Dalem KGPAA Mangkunagoro IX Party

Thetraveljunkie.org – The month of January has completely flown past, so much so that before we sat down to pack for our next relaxing trip this weekend, we spent a very cool afternoon in Surakarta. The Keraton Mangkunegaran and Akademi Seni Mangkunegaran made setuponan at Pendapa Prawedanan Puro Mangkunegaraan. The event was attended by some very talented Javanese dancers. This is definitely the perfect way to learn about Javanese heritage! We are both rocking: Tari Kupu-kupu, Tari Golek Sukoreno, Tari Gunung Sari, Tari Asmorosih, and Tari Mandra Asmara.

? Golek Sukoreno ?

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? Asmorosih ?

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