Tips For Beginner Green Travel – No surprise that international travel can negatively affect the planet. There are ways that you can green traveler though and it’s easier than you think to be a responsible traveler.

Here are Tips For Beginner Green Travel:

  • Before you travel, choose to buy second-hand travel goods, such as suitcases, sleeping bags and clothing.
  • Switch off all the electronics you won’t need while you’re away, such as the TV, DVD player, AC, and lights.
  • Reduce electricity (laptop, mobile phone, hairdryer) while traveling by using solar-powered electronics, hand-operated electronics like windup radios and rechargeable batteries in cameras.
  • Keep packaging of toiletries to an absolute minimum.
  • Pack a bar of organic and biodegradable soap in a soap box. This will save space in your bag, help you pack light and reduce water pollution.
  • Bring a toothbrush holder for your toothbrush and use travel size cosmetics.

No matter where you go on holiday, whether you’ve Maluku holidays or a backpacking trip in Indonesia, there are many ways that you can green traveler without making big changes to your holiday.

Happy ‘Green’ Travels!

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Travel Junkie Magazine Post | Vol 1, Maluku Issue.