To Travel Is To Live With ANA – A shot from a breathtaking ANA between Tokyo and Jakarta. The pictures have a weird quality that make them look like paintings. To travel is to live. These days, travel usually begins with a mouse click – airlines, destinations, restaurants, hotels, even the best gear for an expedition, much of it either booked or ordered after minutes, or in some cases hours, of scrolling, linking, and clicking.

Planning a trip, no matter the length or complexity, is a task that’s doable without the help of agents, guidebooks or even the telephone. There’s no doubt that technology has played an integral role in opening the world to millions, it’s also (perhaps more significantly) bridged countless gaps between people and their travel aspirations. It’s helped companies like ANA, allow globetrotters to – as they put it – belong anywhere.

With the opinions and guidance of millions around the world who freely give their opinions and reviews of countless travel-related topics, it’s become a friendlier, more intimate, more social, more people-centric experience. It’s also cheaper, safer and easier for adventure seekers to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Take a trip to Tohoku, Japan, for instance.

Travel isn’t just a way of life. It’s a way of living. It keeps us alive and connected in a manner that transcends technology, yet one that benefits from the many advantages a few mouse clicks have to offer. Perhaps best of all, it makes the world, fast-paced and sprawling as it is, miraculously more human.

A big thank you Japan National Tourism Organization, ANA, and my readers for following and supporting me on this journey!

And now the question is, where shall we go next?


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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