Top 10 Festivals in Indonesia

Baliem Valley Festival (Image courtesy of Masao Konno) – Indonesia is big, cheap, rough and effortless. It’s everything to everyone, a choose-your-own-adventure travel destination. If possible, you’ll do well to catch any one of these festivals during your visit to Indonesia. So, here are top 10 festivals in Indonesia:

Baliem Valley Festival
August – This uniquely Papuan festival traces its root in the belief held by the various local tribe that war is not only a conflict of power and interest, but also a symbol of fertility and prosperity. A rich celebration of the Baliem Valley’s diverse indigenous cultures.

Bau Nyale Fishing Festival
February or March – Hundreds flock to catch a glimpse of Lombok’s first nyale (wormlike fish) at this huge fishing festival.

February or March – ritual warfare marks Nusa Tenggara’s harvest festival.

May – Buddha’s birth and enlightenment are celebrated by thousands of monks and pilgrims in Borobudur.

Festival Teluk Kendari
April – partying and dragon-boat races in Sulawesi’s Kendari Bay.

Yogya Arts Festival
June to July – A month-long smorgasbord of shows and exhibitions in Java’s cultural capital.

Bali Arts Festival
June to July – A celebration of Bali’s enigmatic dance, music and crafts.

Tana Toraja Funeral Festival
July to September – Toraja from all over Indonesia return to Sulawesi to celebrate these annual funeral rituals.

Bidar Race
August – Dozens of vivid bidar (canoes) race on Sumatra’s Sungai Musi.

Ubud Writers & Readers Festival
October – An internationally acclaimed writers’ festival.

So, free to comment and add some of your favorite best festivals finds.

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