Top 10 Indonesian Experiences – Where to go on holiday this year. Back to work, back to making holiday plans. Travel Junkie Indonesia scours the globe to find you this year’s 10 greatest Indonesian experiences.

1. A beaming Indonesian smile – locals here are unfailingly happy and warm.
2. Spontaneous guitar-strumming sessions on street corners, warung, bus, Pelni boats, etc.
3. Learning how to sleep through the morning call to prayer.
4. Taking your becak (bicycle-rickshaw) driver for a ride instead of the other way around.
5. Sharing your rambutans and rupiah during impromptu card games on overnight ferries.
6. Catching a bus when school’s out and responding to a dozen kids practising their five English questions.
7. Starring in countless strangers holiday pictures.
8. Helmet-less ojek (motorcycle) trips.
9. Coffee, cigarettes and conversations at 2am bus stops.
10. Dancing Poco Poco (Indonesian line dancing) at a Maluku village disco.

So, free to comment and add some of your favorite best Indonesian experiences finds.

Happy Green Travels!

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  1. I’m not sure I’d call that list the Top 10 experiences of backpacker travel around Indonesia, certainly common enough though.

    What about train travel accross Java?

    Climbing one of many smoking volcanoes?

    The joy of diving or snorkeling with dolphins, mantas or whale sharks?

    Traditional Indonesian coffee?

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