Top 10 Liveable & Loveable Cities

Helsinki 2012 (Image courtesy of visit Finland) – Living for the city.  Great cities adapt and change like their residents. The process of finding a favorite has been a global undertaking that confirmed and renewed our love of exciting urban centres. The following make up TJI’s top 10.

01. Helsinki
More creative than ever, with a new entrepreneurial spirit, still delivers one of the world’s best living environments.

02. Copenhagen
Great food, fashionable crowd, advanced design, and endless cycling alleys – no wonder the UN again rated the Danes as the happiest people in the world.

03. Zurich
The Swiss city wins us over with its booming economy, enviable airport connections, bustling art scene, clean, safe street and, of course, all those parks and the water.

04. Stockholm
As Sweden is coping better than most with the economic crisis, its capital is as buoyant as ever.

05. Ubud
With magical atmosphere, ambience, art and culture, lodgings, restaurants, sites, local residents friendliness, and shopping facilities. Ubud is a place within the framework of a traditional retropolis.

06. Vienna
The Austrian capital is fast adopting future-forward ideas, without losing its retro charm. Others, take a note.

07. Munich
Still a great place to live, Germany’s largest and wealthiest city should address its urban planning issues – better public transport and cheaper accomodation are needed

08. Honolulu
A reputation based on sun, sea, and surfing is gradually evolving as Hawaii’s capital takes advantage of its Asia links to become a rising business hub – and Oscar-nominated films like The Descendants don’t hurt either.

09. Auckland
Aucklanders are embracing new opportunities for change and a raft of culture initiatives. And TJI love it.

10. Kyoto
With its beautiful gardens and temples, Kyoto is a place where rich cultural heritage exists within the framework of a modern metropolis.

Enjoys high quality of life and surprising diversity. The best cities offer TJI places not just to work, play and sleep but also for lives to unfold in unexpected and colourful ways.

Happy Green Travels!

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