Top 10 Travel Songs in North Halmahera Trips – Music helps us connect to others-to fellow travelers who might share our taste in songs and to locals who might not speak our language but can carry the rhythm.

For those of us with gypsy blood, music can speak to who we are and why it is that we can never seem to settle down. Music engenders a desire to see a new place, or to travel simply for the joy of the journey.

So, what most often inspires us to go is the ecstasy of travel, pure and simple. The frustrations of airports, delay, long journey with ferry-boat, the struggles with packing, and the tedium of days spent working all fade away when you set off on your journey.

So here I present Top 10 Travel Songs in North Halmahera Trips:

10). It’s So Wondeful by Massada
09). So Nice by Bebel Gilberto
08). What A Wonderful World by Keane
07). Summer Sun by Koop feat.Yukimi Nagano
06). Jesus, Walk with Me by Club 8
05). Breathe (Extended) by Télépopmusik
04). Natural Mystic by Bob Marley
03). Unknown Destination by Massada
02). Angin Barat by Paula Leiwakabessy
01). Sibu-Sibu by Massada

So, What songs would you add to the list? Share your picks in the comments!

Happy Green Travels!

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