Top 12 Festivals & Events in Thailand

amazing wat arun. | taken by Sony NEX-7 – Lustrous Thailand radiates a hospitality that makes it one of the most accessibly exotic destinations on earth.

It’s everything to travel junkies, a choose your own adventure travel destination. If possible, you’ll do well to catch any one of these festivals and events during your visit to Thailand.

So, here are top 12 festivals and events in Thailand:

thai pagoda with the lanterns in the sky. | taken by Sony NEX-7

01. Loy Krathong
Early November – The Mae Nam Chao Phraya receives huge devotional crowds who float small lotus-shaped boats throughout this river-honouring festival.

02. Songkran
Mid April – Bangkok’s celebration of the Thai New Year has morphed into water warfare centred around Th Khao San. Prepare to be soaked.

03. Magha Puja (Maakha Buuchaa)
On the full moon of the third lunar month to commemorate Buddha preaching to 1250 enlightened monks who came to hear him ‘without prior summons’. It culminates with a candlelit walk around the main at every wat.

04. Visakha Puja (Wisaakha Buuchaa)
This event falls on the 15th day of the waxing moon in the sixth lunar month and commemorates the date of the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and passing away. Activities are centred on the wat.

05. Kite-Flying Season
March – During the windy season, colourful kites battle it out over the skies of Sanam Luang.

06. Royal Ploughing Ceremony
Early May – The Crown Prince commences rice-planting season with a royal-religious ceremony at Sanam Luang.

thai statue scene. | taken by Sony NEX-7

07. King’s Birthday
5 December – Locals celebrate their monarch’s birthday with lots of parades and festivities on the royal avenue of Th Ratchadamnoen.

08. Queen’s Birthday
12 August – The Queen’s birthday is recognised as the national Mother’s Day and celebrated in Bangkok with festivities centre around Th Ratchadamnoen and the Grand Palace.

09. Vegetarian Festival
September/October – A 10-day Chinese-Buddhist festival strives for religious perfection by consuming meatless meals. Look for yellow-flagged vegetarian vendors in Chinatown.

10. King Chulalongkorn Day
23 October – Rama V is honoured on the anniversary of his death in front of his statue in Dusit.

11. World Film Festival Bangkok
October/November – An annual international film festival introduces quality, non-mainstream films from all over the world. As a showcase for independent films and new talent, the festival is a vital component in the development of the film industry.

12. Chinese New Year
February/March – Thai-Chinese celebrate the lunar new year with a week of house-cleaning, lion dances and fireworks. Festivities centre on Chinatown.

So, free to comment and add some of your favorite best festivals and events finds.


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