Top 15 Places to Visit in Japan – Japan. It’s like a dream. From the rocky wilds of Hokkaido to the sandy beaches of Okinawa and all the buzzing cities in between, these are some of the places TJI visited on our travels around the diverse and fascinating islands of Japan.

Drama TV original soundtrack of Japan (Ordinary People, Tokyo Love Story, Love Generation, First Love, Beach,  and many more) became our theme songs for this trip.

1. Hokkaido
Hokkaido is famous for its dairy farms, ski resorts, kelp farms and woodworking industry.

2. Aomori
Apples and art (in Towada) are this prefecture’s signnature offerings.

3. Iwate
Iwate has quaint coastal fishing villages and nanbu senbei, a flour cracker eaten like toast.

4. Niigata
In show country, take a dip in the mineral-rich hot springs.

5. Fukushima
Fukushima’s seaside towns are rebuilding in the aftermath of the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami.

6. Tokyo
Get lost on the back-streets of Japan’s vibrant capital.

7. Nagano
Trek the trails around the Japan Alps or drink wine made from Koshu grapes in neighbouring Yamanashi.

8. Ishikawa
Lacquerware and an abundance of fresh fish can be found on the Noto Peninsula.

9. Gifu
Wander around the centuries-old castle town of Takayama or stay at a traditional thatched-roof A-frame home in Shirakawa-go.

10. Fukui
Ninety per cent of all eyewear made in Japan comes from Fukui.

11. Nagoya
Nagoya is the birthplace of pachinko, a cross between a pinball and slot machine.

12. Okayama
Global economic forces nearly wiped out textile makers until denim saved it.

13. Kagawa
Located on the southern island of Shikoku, Kagawa is the mecca for udon noodles.

14. Hiroshima
Japan’s stance against atomic weapons is symbolised by Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park.

15. Okinawa
Okinawa islands are where the weather is tropical and the residents are laid back.


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