Top 15 Tips For Visiting Baduy Indigenous Peoples – The Baduy indigenous peoples live in the mountainous rainforest area of the Banten region, only about 100km south west of Jakarta. They are a small community, who have lived a traditional lifestyle in voluntary isolation for more than 400 years.

Life has been culturally and ecologically sustainable and they have lived in relative harmony with the environment. Embodied within the Baduy society is great wisdom and knowledge about the conservation and sustainability of eco-systems and the interconnectedness of all living things with the earth and the cosmos.

However the impacts of unmanaged tourism may pose a threat to the Baduy culture and maintaining the traditions for the future.

And, here’s top 15 tips for visiting Baduy indigenous peoples:

01). When in the Baduy Dalam, do as the Baduy Dalam peoples do.

02). Think about your rubbish. Many places don’t have safe landfills or recycling facilities so pack as few disposables as possible.

03). Walk softly and carry a big smile.

04). Dress appropriately. Respecting the dress code where you are is very important.

05). Buying local crafts and clothing can be fun – and you’ll be supporting Baduy trades, which helps the baduy economy.

06). Don’t use soap, shampoo and toothpaste.

07). Accept invites and eat up. Make sure you bring whatever you have to eat as well so you can all cook together.

08).  Ask before you take photographs. All cameras are forbidden in Baduy Dalam.

09). Always get permission. Ask permission or advice about where to take a pee or goes a long way.

10). Take a talk-walk in the night under the fullmoon with locals.

11). Respect native flora and fauna.

12). Untie your tongue and speak truth.

13). Learn the language, take a language course or at least learn to say ‘Hello’, ‘Please and ‘thank you’.

14). Bringing some medicines, flashlight, sleeping bag and raincoat (in the wet season), jacket, mosquito lotion, sarong, travel pillow, wet tissue and think about your more rubbish.

15). Go local. Do everything you can to respect the Baduy culture, environment, and way of life.

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