Top 38 Diving and Snorkeling Sites in Komodo National Park

Pink Beach (Camera Sony alpha NEX-7) – Komodo National Park waters located on the equator get enough sunlight with the stong current and low sedimentation, providing a lot of plankton and oxygen needed for coral and many other marine organisms. This high level of nutrient significantly creates the richness of marine biodiversity, includes more than 1000 species of fishes, 380 corals, and 8 species of seagrass.

The Park also become habitat and migratory route for about 24 species of whales and dolphins. Dugongs, whale-sharks, manta rays, sea tutles, Napoleon wrasses, giant clams, and triton also could be found here.

This combination offer tremendous sites for diving and snorkling opportunities with the mixed of biodiversity and challenge. So, here are top dive sites in the Park, as seen on the map

1. Loh Wenci
2. Tukoh Srikaya
3. Tukoh Lehokgebah
4. Banana Split
5. Batu Saloka
6. Pulau Nisaleme
7. Toro Letuhoh
8. Terumbu Letuhoh
9. Batu Langkoi
10. Manta Alley
11. Toro Jerman
12. Tala Selatan
13. Tanjung Loh Sera
14. Toro Sie
15. Dinding Kuning
16. Batu Buas
17. Ngarai Lili Laut
18. Bongkahan Batu
19. Titik Torpedo
20. Nusa Kode
21. Pulau Payung
22. Tiga Dara
23. Pillaarsteen
24. Indihiang
25. Loh Namu
26. Pink Beach
27. Batu Tiga
28. Karang Makassar
29. Batu Bolong
30. Tatawa Kecil
31. Tatawa Besar
32. Dinding Kecil
33. Sebayor Kecil
34. Gililawa Laut
35. Batu Kastil
36. Batu Kristal
37. Gililawa Darat Utara
38. Gililawa Darat Selatan

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