Top 5 Cafes in Denmark

Den Fede Ælling – Where to find perfect latte. Visitors are utterly spoilt for choice as far as cafes go in Denmark. Many are jack-of-all-trade places, as good for food as they are for lively evening spend drinking or an afternoon sipping coffee.

So, here are top five cafes in Denmark – Travel Junkie Indonesia’s selection.

1. La Glace, Copenhagen
You must run the gauntlet of some pretty fearsome seniors to bag a table at this classic cake shop, but its hot chocolate alone is worth it.

2. Granola, Copenhagen
LeifThingtved’s hangout in an authentic recreation of a 1930s Copenhagen cafe is one of the city’s most stylist. +4533250080

3. Den Fede Ælling (The Fat Duckling), Alborg
A cafe-bar located in a houseboat on the newly renovated harbourfront.

4. Foodshop 26, Copenhagen
Lisa Falk-Jensen is justly proud of the organic sourdough bread, jams, cakes and muesli sold at her deli and bakery in Islands Brygge. “We fought for years to get this site,” says Falk-Jensen. “It had been a launderette for 50 years.”

5. Coffee Collective, Copenhagen
The country’s best baristas have now expanded from their Jægersborggade HQ to a branch in the new Torvehallerne market.

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