Top 5 Dive Sites in Biak

Biak Wrecks (Image courtesy of Matthew Oldfield) – The underwater attractions around Pulau Biak have the potential to compete with Raja Ampat, with the added bonus of being cheaper and less overrun by tourists. However, some local fishermen blithely continue their practice of dynamite and cyanide fishing, so you may find spots that are slightly less stunning than others.

The diving industry in Biak is small but growing, and there’s nowhere else in Central Papua to organise diving/snorkelling trips or rent equipment. Around Pulau Biak, the best and most accessible diving spots:

1. Noriko Mayumi – has a cave, off the coast of Pulau Meoswarek
2. Pulau Rani – off the west coast of Pulau Biak, and accessible by chartered boat from the pasar ikan (fish market) in Kota Biak
3. Pulau Rurbas – in the Padaido Islands
4. Pulau Pakreki – another in the Padaido Island group
5. Tanjung Barari – the cape at the eastern end of Pulau Biak.

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  1. Do you have the contact of dive operator in Biak? I’m interested in the wreck dive, but do I have to gain special permitt to enter the wreck?

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