Top 5 Facts About the Sydney Harbour Bridge

under sydney harbour bridge | camera Sony NEX-7 – Oh my. Travel is life. And if you miss travel, you miss life.

Contrasting with the Opera House’s undulating sails is the dramatic steel presence of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Drive across it, climb it or simply gaze at it from any angle.

Accessible on foot from Watson Road and Cumberland Street in The Rocks, the Bridge offers a scenic walk to Milsons Point across the harbour.

Want to know some facts? Here’s top 5 facts about the Sydney Harbour Bridge:

fantastic view from sydney opera house | camera Sony NEX-7

stunning view from sebel pier one sydney | camera Sony NEX-7

01. The Bridge may rise or fall up to seven inches as the steel expands or contracts in the weather.

02. The total cost of construction was double the original quote.

03. Despite opening in 1932, the Bridge was not fully paid of until 1988.

04. Approximately 80.000 litres of paint are required for each coat of the Bridge.

05. It was painted grey because no other colour was available in such large quantities…imagine a pink Harbour Bridge!

on sydney harbour bridge road | camera Sony NEX-7

Well. From travel, I learned so much about the earth, countries, culture, people, music, architect, etc.

Life is sooo good. A big thanks to Destination NSW and Garuda Indonesia. NSW made me feel alive again.

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