The Travel Junkie and the Art of the Perfect Planking

The Art of the Perfect Planking in Bromo Mountain – The Planking Travel Junkie is one way to connect with the earth. The funniest thing about this category is Planking is funny now, but in 20 years time it probably won’t even be known.

Imagine sitting down with your kids or grand kids and showing them pictures from your travels around the world. Trying to explain to them the reason why your lying down in the pictures, and telling them it was called planking travel.

Magalitic Planking in Nias Island

Shark Plank in Karimunjawa

It was the cool thing to do at the time. Actually the more i think about, it might start a comeback for the next generation.

So, free to comment and add some of your favorite planking travel pics.

Happy Green Travels!

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