The Travel Junkie in Ikat Style – Oh my. I found this old photos of my friends and I in Ikat style in the National Alliance of Indigenous People Congress. And, I totally choked up with delight and nostalgia.

It our Ikat style. Wear a cool headband from Ikat. Let your inner beauty shine. It was AMAZING!!!

Ikat style vary according to the village and the gender of the wearer, and some styles are reserved for special purposes.

In parts of Nusa Tenggara, high-quality ikat is part of a bride’s dowry. Until recently on Sumba, only members of the highest clans could make and wear ikat textiles.

We were having an indigenous party at the indigenous market in Tobelo, North Halmahera.

The whole point travel junkies are free people. These guidelines are what you need to really become and embellish your travel junkie lifestyle, but travel junkies, remember, are signs for freedom.

Sigh, I love my travel style so much that it drives me crazy. Ooh Ikat style, you stole my heart.

Photography by Adrian Mulya.

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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