The Travel Junkie Moment in Karimunjawa National Park – Karimunjawa National Park is one of the six marine national parks in Indonesia and was among the first areas recognised as being important for conservation and marine biodiversity protection.

The population of Karimunjawa District is 8,882,most of whom are fishermen. Karimunjawa community consists of many ethnic groups such as Javanese, Madurene, Bugis, Mandar, Bajak, and Luwu.

Just stunning.

During our holidays, we stayed in a little chalet right next to the beach. So it was no surprise that we spent a LOT of time on the beach.

We would play on the beach after breakfast. Eat lunch on the beach. Have ice cream on the beach. Swim in the ocean. Drink wine on the beach. Have a barbecue dinner next to the beach.

I love hanging out at the beach!

Later that evening, as the sun sunk towards the horizon, we joined a bunch of local friends.

Life was good in Caribbean Van Java.

Thanks to for this moment.

Happy Green Travels!

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