Travel Like A Hiphop Musician @jflowrighthere – Hey travel junkies and everyone!

Life is a trip! want to know how to travel in style, just like the pros? We check in with favorite destinations and what they never leave home without.

So, check this out! travel like a musician @jflowrighthere:

Name: Joshua Matulessy aka JFlow

Occupation: Musician, comic, tv host, writer in learning

Hometown: Jakarta

Residence: Jakarta


Twitter: @jflowrighthere

Short Bio: A hiphop musician, recording artist, songwriter and founder of @EFAproject. Hosted Provocative Proactive, a political talkshow for the youngsters for 1,5 years on Metro Tv. Wish he could travel way much more than he already had.

How often do you fly: Like 2-3 times a month

How many countries have you been to: 5 so far

How many continents have you been to: 2 so far

Favorite Indonesian city: Bandung, Ambon, Manado and Jogja

Favorite international city: Paris and Vienna

Least favorite country: Singapore

Favorite World Heritage Site: Borobudur

Favorite airline: Air France

Favorite aircraft type: Boeing 747, the large one. Hope I get the name right.

Aisle or window: Aisle, definitely

Favorite Indonesia airport: Makassar, Surabaya, Ambon

Favorite international airport: Changi

Favorite hotel: Ritz, haha

Favorite island: Maluku Islands

Favorite fancy restaurant: Couldn’t think of any

Favorite fruit: Orange, mango and pineapple

Favorite food: Indonesian, greek, italian and japs

Least favorite food: None, I fancy food from all over haha

Drink of choice (In the air and on the ground): Red wine, champagne, iced green tea and sparkling water

Favorite travel movie(s): Any comedy/action/thriller will do

Favorite travel song(s): Random, depends on the mood

Favorite travel show(s): Random, depends on the mood

Favorite travel book(s): Grisham, Murakami, Cleave or anything interesting I could find at airport’s book stores

Right now I am reading: Murakami 1Q84 book 3

Five things you bring on a plane: night mask, neck pillow, snacks, books and iphone

What do you always seem to forget: Toiletries

What do you want your loved one to buy you from an airport duty free store? Wine and choc

Most embarrassing/worst travel moment: Being rejected to enter a country because of the passport I was holding

What’s your dream destination: Brasil and Alaska

Favorite travel blog/website(s) – besides, of course!: Haven’t been to many, so I’ll stick to

Best travel tip: Don’t expect anything, just free yourself and see where the journey is going to take you.

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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