Travel Like A Sultan at Taman Sari Yogyakarta

From the pools overlooking the tower | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7 – Still from Yogyakarta, where International Travel Bloggers spent much of last month.

One afternoon in Jogja we went to Taman Sari to find out what the magical water castle, and ‘sultan wants a wife’.

“The sultans had two hobbies. Hunting and hunting. They hunt for four-legged… And they hunt for two-legged.”, the guide is explaining.

Are you wife hunting? visit Taman Sari Yogyakarta now. Haha!

Just to the west of the Kraton is the magical Water Castle, which once served as a splendid pleasure park of palaces, pools and waterways for the sultan and his entourage.

The Portuguese architect of this elaborate retreat, build between 1758 and 1765, was from Batavia – the story goes that the sultan had him executed in order to keep his hidden pleasure rooms secret.

Taman sari garden | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7

Down the steps beyond a large wall offering privacy, is the pool | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7

High in the tower at one end of the pool, the hunter would play | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7

This was the first step of her introduction in the royal court | Camera Sony alpha NEX-7

The complex was damaged first by Diponegoro’s Java War, and an earthquake in 1865 helped finish the job. While much of what you see today lies in ruins, the bathing pools have been restored. From the tower overlooking the pools, the sultan was able to dally with his wives and witness the going on below.

Well, The essentially a process for officials to make sure she would be appropriate for the sultan. This was the first step of her introduction in the royal court.

Ooh, Travel Junkie Indonesia travel like a Sultan at Taman Sari Yogyakarta.


Loving life. I had such a great time!

Happy Green Travels!

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