Travel Like A Winemaker in Bali

winemaker James Kalleske | camera Sony alpha NEX-7 – I love a good trip! Travel Junkie Indonesia invited for Bali’s Cultural Trip with Jelajah Mahakarya Indonesia, and it was FREAKING AMAZING!!!

Hatten Wines is a Balinese company, committed to international standards of quality and taste. Indonesian brands going global.

The first and only truly Balinese winery, located in the heart of Sanur, has been hard at work since 1994 bringing to the world tables a taste of Bali in the most extraordinary way.

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A modern state of the art facility with stainless steel vessels, refrigeration, installation, a horizontal press, 56 large wine tanks, fermenters, a bottling room, filters of various types and an up to date laboratory facility. It has a capacity of bottling 5000 bottles per day.

The hand harvested fruit and hand cleaned, is normally received early in the day and quickly processed through crushing and pressing equipment or processed with skins in fermenters to make red wine.

Hatten wines – unique winery and its products are defying the traditional winemaking rules in using unconventional grapes, grown on the North Coast of the island (Singaraja).

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I had a great time catching up with wine maker friends, doing a whole lot of culture spotting and celebrating with the locals.

Life was perfecto!

It was a simple and easy holiday, but we all had a FANTASTIC time!

So if you’re wandering off to Bali for a weekend and looking for something interesting to do, treat yourself to a vinous discovery of some of Bali’s finest vintage wines.

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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