Travel Like Pirates in Tobelo

on kora-kora at tanjung pilawang – Experiencing new things and having shifts in perspective. This is probably why I travel so much. Balance is also important. So as much as I love music and movies, I need my walks and rides through nature. My friends and locals are my family so quality time, communicating and spending time with them is important to me.

Once upon a time on an island of spices. I had a really wonderful, simple, but meaningful day. I’ve been in Tobelo, North Halmahera for Congress of the Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago.

Yeah! The people of Tobelo are proud to call themselves descendants of changa, or pirates.

So, here are kora-kora festival photos when I traveled like Pirates in Tobelo.

kora-kora boats by tobelo ferry port

the ‘history’ of kora-kora

adrian mulya, kora-kora, tobelo sea

let’s dance in a moving boat

A group of women stand in a moving boat, dancing to traditional beats from a distant loudspeaker. They are all over 40 years old — one is even in her 80s. Every once in a while, they cry the distinct changa shriek: “Aheeheeheeheey!”

Tobelo, the capital of North Halmahera District in North Maluku Province. Every time we saw them, they were dancing and shouting energetically, only to stop when the music died.

The ladies are part of a traditional art performance group named Gumi Guraci, whose headquarters are called Dabiloha and located near Tanjung Pilawang Beach.

wangongira legend

kora-kora by the sea

descendants of pirates on the road

tobelo hearts

I tell you what. It was WONDERFUL.

Ahh, we had a fantastic time and we were glowing with happiness.

This post is part of Tobelo blog series.

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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