1. Thanks for the interview, glad to have the opportunity. Hopefully this will inspire a few more people to travel and maybe even start blogging about it as well 😉

    • Thanks very much for taking the time to complete the interview questions for my blog post. The results of the interviews were really interesting and I’m personally very excited to check out all 😉

  2. Another great interview Derek and sorry to hear about the Mexican jail!

    You provide some good advice here and it is good to see the travel industry recognise your contributions.

    I also love that you say travel blogging is very opinion based.

    • No worries, I’m not sorry about our time in a Mexican jail. We were all 18-19 at the time and it was an invaluable learning experience for us. Nowadays the rest of the guys are all married and still live in our hometown of Austin, Texas…except for the one guy who got us thrown in jail — he’s been in and out of prison in the States ever since, from what I hear.

      And yes, travel blogging is entirely opinion-based! Short of cold hard tourism numbers (e.g. visa or flight statistics) every thing else varies completely depending upon the individual. I’m just glad that corporations and advertisers have finally started to embrace the power that travel bloggers have 😉

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