Umbul Manten, A Place Full of Love and Peace – We hadn’t been to Klaten for months, so it was like we were visiting for the first time and the tropical sun made our visit even more special. If you need somewhere to spend a few hours in the afternoon, we’d recommend the Umbul Manten. We love the word Umbul (springs). We’re not too keen on its literally meaning, we like its symbolic meaning much more. An springs is a calm place, it symbolises life and the happiness that comes when you find something when you least expect it. A place full of love and peace.

Don’t forget that you’re in Umbul Manten, which means that eating keong sawah and noodles at any time of day is totally acceptable. And someone on Instagram recommended that we visit Warung Soto Klaten, and how could be we pass up the opportunity to go somewhere that serves lunch all day? We’ve already talked about how lunch is our favourite meal of the day.

Ready to begin your own journey?

Just a note, if you are thinking of coming please leave no trash behind. And take with only memories, photos and videos.


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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  1. The satay pic really make me drool. I’ll bookmark this, warung soto Klaten. Semoga bisa jalan ke Klaten. Btw, tak kirain sendirian serasa milik sendiri gitu tempatnya , ternyata ruame banget ya #hahaha #tempatwisatagitulho

  2. Damn,, that satay brooh,, ahahaha,, anyway,, if i am not misheard, that you can swim with fish that,, is it true? and what about the road access to get to umbul manten? can we get to umbul manten by some kind of angkot? or we need to rent a car or motorcycle ??

    your journey was awesome!!!

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