Unboxing F-wheel Electric Bike A5 In Queensland, Australia

Thetraveljunkie.org – We’ve just moved from our home of twelve months down on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. We are looking forward to lots of new adventures and getting to know this area. So in perfect timing, our two new e-bikes have just arrived from DYU! We are super excited. We have a F-wheel A5 and a DYU V1. We will have lots of stories to show you how our journey on e-bikes goes right from unboxing, charging, getting started to exploring this area. Yesterday we opened up one of the e-bikes – check out how it arrived and how we put it together. It was super easy and looks fantastic.

DYU parent company F-wheel‘s latest masterpiece, F-wheel A5 electric bike, on the shelf now. Prepare to reach 110KM per charge! What’s more, its battery is removable. Grab a new battery then keep riding for another whole week. F-wheel A5 comes for stronger for real. F-wheel A5 Electric Bike with portable & removable battery, convenient for charging. Latest e-bike model from F-wheel in 2021.

We can’t wait to start exploring the Sunshine Coast on our new e-bikes once we’ve unboxed the DYU V1! Stay tuned to watch us unbox this and start riding soon!

For more information and to buy, visit www.fwheel.cc.


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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