Vakjoe! Cancer Sucks, Almere – Holland – The other day in Almere, I took part in an amazing charity event, Vakjoe! cancer sucks. That happened on the Lumierepad Beach, Filmwijk. Vakjoe! (fuck you!) is a platform that fighters against cancer commemorates a heart protrudes below the belt and victims of the disease. The movement was founded by Almere resident, Ryan Franklin Delano Kraak, who died in November 2012 of pancreatic cancer. His son Patrick has taken up the torch. The highlight of the annual meeting is to raise the middle finger against cancer.

Out of envy, powerlessness, frustration, sympathy we honor the victims, fighters and survivors of cancer. Vakjoe!

For more information, visit vakjoemovement or Vakjoe.

Getting there (Almere), visit


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