[video] Sound From the East by the Social Traveler

[video] Sound From the East by the Social Traveler

Traveljunkieindonesia.com– We love eastern Indonesia. Cokiliciouz’s latest video is a brilliant black-and-white with sound from the eastern Indonesia.

Aku adalah Papua, aku adalah Maluku, aku adalah Nusa Tenggara, aku adalah Sulawesi (I’m Papua, I’m Maluku, I’m Nusa Tenggara, I’m Sulawesi). Digidoooooo!

Check it out!, a video clip ‘Voice From the east by Glenn Fredly’ is so coooooool!

It’s pretty good! And Done so brilliantly. The social traveler is hot haha!

Well, this video as well as for promotion of the preservation of culture and nature in Eastern Indonesia. I love his video collection and amazed.

Get to know Coki from twitter. Coki is now in the process of getting his own program on an online TV station. The working title is Cokiliciouz: Pelancong Sosial (Cokiliciouz: The Social Traveler).

And, the very first time I met his at Bupati Tobelo house, North Halmahera; for the National Alliance of Indigenous People Congress 2012.

“Get to know him, and you’ll be drawn to this well-read man’s knowledge of Indonesia’s history and stories of his travel across the archipelago. Stay around him long enough and you might be lucky to see him do wonders with spices in the kitchen. With his natural ability to get in and out of local communities with ease, he has documented his love for cultures and cuisines through his video camera.”, said Bekabuluh.

We (Tobelo Lovers) had a great time at the indigenous party!

And, Tale About Nomad said, “I love how his tattoos grow. His amazing personalities, heart and his personal bluntness on every single thing. Above all, I’m a big fan of his works all his writings and documentaries.”

Ooh, He is one of the amazing cook that our ever know! Let’s grab the Sagero party guys!

Happy Green Travels!

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