Thetraveljunkie.org – Today we bring you the videodiary which we took in the 20th Anniversary of Trang Underwater Wedding Ceremony 2016 trip, one of the trips that we were dying to see in Thailand. The 1st Trang Underwater Wedding was initiated by the willingness of Khun Yongyudh Vichaidit (Governor of Trang at that time) and Khun Surin Tohtubtiang (President of The Trang Chamber of Commerce at that time) to fulfil the dream of lovers by arranging the traditional Thai wedding ceremony, together with a wedding certificate formally signed under the water. With the annually continuation of the ceremony, the event has gained worldwide popularity and attracted so much international interest as the first place in the world where the wedding was held that the Guinness World Records has awarded this event “The Largest Underwater Wedding Ceremony” in 2000.

The event has not only equipped with the largest number of wedding couples in the world, but it also praised of anti-discrimination by facilitating handicapped couples in joining this memorable ceremony. At present, the Trang Underwater Wedding Ceremony is widely recognized as one of the most fascinating events of Trang, impressed by numerous lovers giving their love to each other among the romantic atmosphere to memorise for the rest of their lives. Happy day!


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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