Visiting Ban Phaya So, Samut Songkhram – Thailand – When I was in Amphoe Amphawa, Samut Songkhram. Very beautiful, not built-up and cool fresh air!

I visited the home of a local farmer-cum-artist or Ban Phaya So and I saw how the coconut plant influences his life. ‘So’ or a fiddle is a local musical instrument of the Central Region. Ban Phaya So is a house of the alto fiddle (So U) maker who combines the art of traditional Thai music with carving.

A coconut that is used for making a fiddle will be carved with different designs, such as character figures, changeable rose flowers, name initials, names of the twelve astrological years, etc.

Nowadays, this art is rarely seen. I saw the art of carving and learned to play the fiddle at Khun Somphon Ketkaeo’s house.

The visit ends with a short puppet performance in the rustic home-style theatre and enjoyed a young coconut and banana.

Ban Phaya So is definitely worth a visit. Here, life was so happy and simple. It was grand.

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