Vivid Memories in Halong Bay

a nude morning in a small piece of heaven. – Hi everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic start to the new year, we certainly had a memorable and relaxing few weeks.

After 30 minutes of ‘climbing’, we perched ourselves on a rock…

This is Halong Bay, Vietnam – quite possibly one of the most beautiful bay I have ever seen. How insanely gorgeous is that view?!

made in heaven.

And the view of our moment was pretty much just like in that pictures, the whole way through – breathtaking!

Oh my, it was so relaxing. I soaked up the moment to appreciate how good we have it.

Life is so easy and so rich… we are enormously blessed.

between jakarta, amsterdam, and the bay.

This is me and my friend, absolutely loving the bay!

So, in the beautiful Halong Bay, while sitting in the gorgeous sunshine, looking out over kilometres of calm, limestone formations, green ocean, surrounded by friends, happiness and laughter…

It was magical. We all had sooooo much fun.


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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