Walk Along To Hell’s Gates In Noosa National Park, Australia

Thetraveljunkie.org – Today we bring you to Hell’s Gates in Noosa National Park, Queensland, Australia. With its beautiful and iconic mixture of beach and forest, Noosa National Park is one for the bucket list, a natural gem travel junkies simply must visit. We went there around 3pm and 30 minutes from our place. We took a cloudy afternoon walk along the Coastal track (2.7km one way to Hells Gates) savouring the breathtaking views.

Around 190 million years ago this area was a river plain. Many layers of sand were deposited and eventually the weight of the layers compacted the sand beneath and cemented it to sandstone.

Hell’s Gates formed as weathering eroded the joints of this sandstone outcrop, eventually wearing out a gap and creating the deep, narrow cove.

Most of the Noosa Headland is sandstone and only visible where it has been exposed along the coastal rocky outcrops-Hell’s Gates, Boiling Pot and Dolphin Point.

Here are photos we took.


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