Walking Around In Lasem

Thetraveljunkie.org –  Karangturi street, in the Lasem – Central Java, is one of Lasem’s most famous and busiest streets. Walking around here is a lot of fun. The city is made for walking and biking, so after the post-coffee adrenaline we headed to Cu An Kiong and Lawang Ombo. What an experience!

Our next target: Opa Lo Geng Gwan. After so much walking around we recovered in Tiongkok Little Heritage, exactly what anyone will need before getting lost in the design, decor, underground tunnels and batik shops… And we had lunch where the warung have no name, where everything was inspired by seafood.

Just a note, if you are thinking of coming please leave no trash behind. And take with only memories, photos and videos.


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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