Warung Kopi Bukit Hexon in Central Bali

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The other day while we were in Bali, some local friends took me to hang out at Warung Kopi Bukit Hexon, Central Bali.

Travel junkies who comes to visit Bukit Hexon, manages to pop in for a free coffee and look around.

It’s a very pretty place. A magnificent view of green valley on the other side, balinese interior, furniture, decor, outdoor setting with spectacular view of Buyan Lake, organic, hippy vibe and the fresh mountain air will increase your appetite.

They have a local vegetarian and raw food menu, boasting produce from organic, biodynamic and fair trade sources. I must admit, I was really excited to try it out.

I ordered some Banana Fritters Cheecolatte. They were amazing and tasted very different to any Banana Fritters and topping I’ve ever had!

The other ordered a cup of Organic Bali Black Coffee for FREE! It was divine. It was a really well made coffee, I was impressed.

A little later I got a bit hungry, so I ordered Banana Fritters Caramel – tasted good, not too sweet. Yummmmmmeh!

It was a good day. The Bali coffee was awesome, so I do plan to come back for lunch the next time I’m down here!

Warung Kopi Bukit Hexon
Open 08.00 – 17.30pm
Wanagiri village (to Munduk from Bedugul)
Central Bali

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  1. thank you for sharing this!! this is one of my favorites too. The staffs are friendly, foods are affordable (but the taste!!) , breathtaking view….

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