Warung Mappanyukki Pallu Mara Kepala Ikan, Makassar

amazing pallu mara kepala ikan scene. | taken with Sony NEX-8

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – Everyday without itinerary! The other day, we went to dinner at Warung Mappanyukki, Makassar – South Sulawesi.

The setting was simple but it was a no frills restaurant, there were no entrees or desserts, just a selection of mains and the option of juices and teas. But, we got free bananas, yeah!

Service was nice and very homely. Price-wise it was expensive for Indonesian food but I was happy to pay.

id and menu on the wall. | taken with Sony Xperia Z1

welcome to the warung. | taken with Sony Xperia Z1

My friends and I ordered the kakap putih biasa (Rp27.000) and nasi putih (Rp4.000).

They were perfectly balanced in flavour and very generous in size.

I’m calling this pallu mara kepala ikan the best I’ve had in Makassar. It was AMAZING!

mantene teka song. | taken with Sony NEX-7

onno and her song. | taken with Sony Xperia Z1

december dinner. | taken with Sony Xperia Z1

master of peace. | taken with Sony Xperia Z1

our local friend and I. enjoy! | taken with Sony Xperia Z1

The Indonesian food is authentic. Worth a try if you enjoy Makassarese food and happy to pay a little more for the setting. They don’t take bookings so just rock up.

All in all, we loved our dinner at Warung Mappanyukki. We would of headed back there very soon after to try more of their dishes.

Highly recommended.

Warung Mappanyukki
Pallu Mara Kepala Ikan
Jalan. H.A. Mappanyukki No.36 C
Makassar – South Sulawesi


Thanks to AirAsiaGo Indonesia #TelusurNusantara for treating us and hosting this trip we were incredibly lucky to take, and will never, ever forget.

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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