Wet Afternoon at Paotere Harbour, Makassar

paotere generation. | taken Sony NEX-7

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – While I was holidaying in Makassar, we went to visit Paotere Harbor, where the Bugis sailing ships berth.

It was absolutely fantastic. It is definitely a must-visit destination if you are traveling to Makassar with or without children.

We arrived at 4.30pm and we left at 6pm, because we were all too tired to go on and wet.

It was an epic day!

I sat on a dock and enjoyed watching the local childrens, slow, swimming, jump off from the phinisi, wave movement of the calm ocean, which the kids (and adults) played on until sunset.

traditional pop song. | taken with Sony NEX-7

this is how i know. | taken with Sony NEX-7

scenic paotere. | taken with Sony NEX-7

rockstar on the stage. | taken with Sony Xperia Z1

a kiss in the afternoon. | taken with Sony Xperia Z1

run for your life. | taken with Sony Xperia Z1

in place of you. | taken with Sony Xperia Z1

The rain was nice. The pain was better. And falling like a breathing creature.

It was a magical and so peaceful.


Thanks to AirAsiaGo Indonesia #TelusurNusantara for treating us and hosting this trip we were incredibly lucky to take, and will never, ever forget.

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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