What I Ate at Beukenhof Restaurant, Yogyakarta

the bar situation. | taken with Sony NEX-7

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – Hi travel junkies! I was able to experience a 4-course meal wonderful lunch at the Beukenhof restaurant, Yogyakarta.

I’ve read so many positive and negative reviews about this place, I thought it was a good opportunity to check it out with them.

I was pretty excited. The restaurant was nice, cosy, east meet west with an exquisite of ambiance colonial accent furnishes.

the retro yellow scene. | taken with Sony NEX-7

The semi-outdoor area is breezy, with view of the garden behind.

I instantly fell in love with this place.

And, here’s what I ate:

vegan style. | taken with Sony NEX-7

a yellow heart. | taken with Sony NEX-7

the delicition forest. | taken with Sony NEX-7

our passport caramel. | taken with Sony NEX-7

The taste and presentation is great. You can tell that they cooked them from quality ingredients.

The banana caramel tasted good, not too sweet. Yummmmmmeh!

All in all, the cost was reasonable since the food was wonderful and the ambience was fantastic.

We had a great time here.

Beukenhof Restaurant
Kaliurang, Yogyakarta


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