Where to Stay in Magelang: Shankara Borobudur

Thetraveljunkie.org – A bed that gets you trapped, a bath to get lost for hours and an incomparable relax you’ll want for your life. On our last trip to Borobudur we were hosted in the Shankara Borobudur, where you can feel the perfect balance between Javanese style and that Borobudur golden years glamour.

Placed only 1.1 kms to the Borobudur, is the perfect spot to escape from the Yogyakarta noise, what more could we ask for? Well yeah, a coffee and nasi goreng for room mawar 2, please. If it takes time for us to open, insist, we are just trapped in the bath.

Book now: www.shankaraborobudur.com.

Stay tuned for more our adventure in Indonesia.


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