Why You Should Eat Street Food in Indonesia

travel junkie indonesia ronde in surakarta

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – One of the highlights of Indonesia is the cuisine, and there’s no better way to experience Indonesian food than eating from street stalls.

Street stalls, you say?

Yes. I love warungggggggg! There’s no other way.

Here’s why you should eat street food in Indonesia:

1. It’s safe. Quit worrying about hygiene.  It’s fine.  Eat from a popular place — the stall will be constantly churning out fresh food.

2. It’s cheap. Got a dollar (10.000 IDR)?  You’ve got a meal.  You might pay 5.000 IDR at the very most for a dish, but you’re probably getting ripped off if that’s the case.

perfecto of lotek at sewon, yogyakarta

3. It’s an experience. You point at a random dish, having no idea what it is, a hesitant look on your face.  The old lady behind the cart smiles widely and gestures to a nearby stool.  You sit, and she brings you a plate of the most delicious traditional salad you’ve ever tasted.  You still have no idea what it is, exactly, but you plan to dub it “awesome salad thing” on your blog.  And you get to do this every day.

4. It’s surprising. Every city has specialties, every region has specialties, and some of them might surprise you.  In Solo, you’ll find “awesome gudek ceker thing” dishes!  And who knew Solo boys were crazy about gudek ceker dishes, anyway?

5. It’s delicious. It could be something as simple as a yellow curry soup in Maluku.  And even though you’re pulling fish bones out of your mouth, something you’d never do at home, this dish is somehow so salty, so sour, so sweet, and so deliciously spicy — and you’re in tears.  Not spicy tears.  Joyful tears.

Maybe it’s the emotions of travel with a smidgen of jet lag, but I’ve cried over my food here in Indonesia.

Get yourself to a street stall.  You won’t regret it.

Warung, you stole my heart.

Happy green travels!

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