Wonderful Katreji Dance from the Moluccas

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – I have some pretty cool news to share!

I have been invited to attend Congress of the Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago. And I’m SO GOING!

I am going to take part for Katreji dance at Tobelo, North Halmahera – Maluku. Katreji Dance played in pairs between women and men with an energetic movement of varied and interesting. Exotic!

Katreji dance is a dance from the Portuguese used to show suave. This dance is also a depiction of the young social dance is similar to the dances of Europe in general because Katreji also an acculturation of European culture (Portuguese and Dutch) to the culture of the Moluccas.

It is more apparent in every cue in the floor and change patterns of motion that are still using the language of Portuguese and Dutch as a process biligualisme.

This dance is accompanied by musical instruments violin, bamboo flute, ukulele, Caracas, guitar, drums and bass guitar, with the pattern of western music rithm (Europe) are more prominent. And, This dance is still alive and loved by the people of Maluku until now.

Katreji dance is usually performed at the opening party such as marriage, celebration of the great days of the Moluccas or celebrations. Katreji addition, the influence of Europe’s famous Polonaise which is usually done at the time of marriage Moluccans by every member of the party in pairs, forming a circle formation as well as doing minor movements that can be followed by everyone both young and old.

Katreji dance, you stole my heart.

Happy green travels!

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  1. Hey, Bowo, that’s brilliant news! Amazing dances in Tobelo, and Hein really is trying to revive all the local cultures… Theodora

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