Yandina Creek Wetland Sunset On Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Australia

Thetraveljunkie.org – Yesterday, we went to Yandina Creek Wetland to discover our environment, to connect with nature and to enjoy all that the little big jewels that we have so close to us have to offer. Wetlands are amazing places – they’re the kidneys of the planet. Remove nutrients and sediments from our waterways to improve water quality and are a place for flora and fauna to thrive.

Yandina Creek Wetland has transformed into a birdwatcher’s delight! We took a walk 1.7km (return) along the trail and saw some of the 100-plus species of wildlife which call the wetland home at 362-368 River Road, Yandina Creek.

Tips to visit:
1). Keep the area beautiful and take any rubbish with you
2). Wear enclosed footwear and long sleeves
3). Bring and use insect repellent
4). Take drinking water
5). Stick to the speed limit and drive carefully on River Road – this is a gravel shared road


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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